1. All materials are presented
   – In electronic format (e-mail:, with indication of Journal titles.

2. An article’s content should correspond to the Journal’s subject-matter.
   Only nowhere before edited articles are accepted for publication.

3. The material should be forwarded by the corresponding letter (phone number to contact the author and postal address your copy of the Journal should be delivered to you).

4. Articles’ content, as a rule, makes 8-10 pages (page parameters are Ŕ4 210×292 mm).
It is imperative that
   – the text should be typed in Word (1.5 interval, 12-size type, without division into two columns);
   – formulas should be typed in Microsoft Equation 5.0;
   – schematic drawings should be made in one of following Graphic programs – Corel Draw, Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Excel both in the text and in separate files. Photographs should be of good quality.
   When writing an article, commonly accepted terms, measuring units and conventional symbols are uniformly used in the whole article. Interpretation of all symbols, used by the author, is given when mentioned in the text for the first time.
   When computer typing of the article, all Latin symbols of physical values ((A, I, d, h, etc.) are typed in italics, Greek symbols, function names (β, sin, exp, lim), chemical elements (Í2Î), measuring units (MW/cm2) – by Upright (Roman, usual) type.
   Letters of Latin, Greek and other alphabets (excluding Russian) are recommended for use in formulas.

5. Each scientific article should contain the following information:
   – UDC code;
   – the name of the article;
   – the surname, first name and patronymic of the author;
   – science degree, academic rank;
   – occupation and working place (if any). Occupation and working place should be reported allowing no interpretation and abbreviations.
   – working place (office) postal address;
   – phone number and e-mail of each author;
   – abstract of the article (no less than 120 words) proving the urgency and the theme novelty, the basic content aspects;
   – key words characteristic for the article content (8-10 Words or word-combinations). Each key word or word-combination is separated from the other one by a semicolon and can't have more than one hundred symbols;
   – the article’s text (address item four).

6. The information mentioned in item5 (but the text and references) is presented both in Russian and English.

7. The authors of the published articles are responsible for the accuracy of facts, statistical data, own names and other information as well as for the information not subject to open publishing.
The article references and/or lists of the article literature should be formed in compliance with GOST Đ 7.05-2008. Bibliographic reference. Common requirements and rules of listing. References to foreign publications are obligatory.

8. While submitting the manuscript to the publishing house the author undertakes a commitment not to publish his article either in full or partially in any other journal without permission of the publishing house.

9. The articles of post-graduate students, degree seeking applicants and candidates of sciences are taken for consideration by the Editorial Board only with the review of the scientific leader or the leading specialist of the corresponding branch of industry, certified by the signature and the stamp of the organization the reviewer works. The manuscript received by the Editorial Board is sent for reviewing to specialists in the given branch of research. The article will be received for publication only if it was subjected to reviewing. The decision on publication is taken by the Editorial team of JSC “VNIIOENG” or the Journal on the basis of experts’ opinion of reviewers with account of the presented information compliance with the Journals themes, their scientific importance and urgency.
The manuscript that got negative review is rejected by the decision of the Editorial team. The article, forwarded by the reviewer’s remarks is sent back to the author for improvement. The author should incorporate the comments and introduce amendments into the electronic variant, previously specifying the place. After that the article returns to the Editorial Board for repeated reviewing. In case of disagreement with the reviewer the author should briefly and distinctly prove his opinion.
The Editorial Board reserves the right to reject the article without review if they don’t correspond to the Journal’s theme or if the rules of their execution are violated.

10. The manuscript, having got the positive referee report, is sent to the editors office for publishing. The authors are sent  the paper with the positive answer and, if required, the referee report.

11. The copies of the referee reports are sent to the RF Ministry of Education and Science in case of receiving of the corresponding request by the editors office.

12. The time-period of keeping the referee report in the Editors office is no less than five years.

13. The issue date of each article makes three-five months.

14. Articles publishing charge will be on contractual basis.

15. Intramural post-graduates won't be charged for publishing articles.



Irina Alexandrovna Ponomareva (Dr. Econom. Sc., chief research scientist)
Yulia Gennadievna Bogatkina (Cand. Techn. Sc., leading research scientist)
Anton Nikolaevich Eremin (post-graduate student)

Institute of Oil and Gas Problems Russian Academy of Sciences (IPNG RAN)
3, Gubkin str., 119333, Moscow, Russian Federation.
Phone: 8(499) 135-38-48.

The article presents general economic criteria of investment projects assessment and their brief description. It also submits economic-mathematical method of analysis of oil and gas investment projects, when economic criteria are regarded as the whole complex of inter-connected elements, providing possibility of accepting final decision about efficiency of the project under consideration on the basis of the generalized index. …….(more than 120 words).

Key words: economic evaluation; oil and gas investment project; economic-mathematical method; project decisions.


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