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Scientific-Technical Journal Automation, telemechanization and communication in oil industry ISSN 0132-2222

The Journal publishes articles containing information about home and foreign achievements in the field of development, mounting, adjustment, operation and servicing of devices providing measurement, automation, telemechanization and communication, as well as their metrological support. The Journal covers problems of development and operation of automated control systems of technological processes, up-to-date communication systems, informational-measuring systems and systems of automated design. Problems of informational technologies introduction in oil and gas complex, computerization of professional training, automation of working places on the PC base, as well as problems of mathematical modeling and software, creation and maintenance of data banks and bases are reflected in the Journal as well.

The Journal provides informational support of scientific-technical activities, publishes information about international and home exhibitions, conferences, seminars and meetings in the field of automation, telemechanization and communication.

Editorial Board:

  • Abramov G.S. (Chief Editor) Doctor of technical sciences, Candidate of technical sciences, TC 024 "Metrological Support of Hydrocarbons Production and Accounting";
  • Bakumenko A.V. Doctor of technical sciences, General Director of JSC "MRTI RAS";
  • Voronenko A.V. Candidate of physical-mathematical sciences, Director of Scientific-Production Company "Godsib", Ltd.";
  • Grigoriev L.I. (Deputy-Chief editor) Doctor of technical sciences, Professor, Head of the Chair of I. Gubkin Russian State University of oil and Gas;
  • Gurevich M.S. member of Supervisory Council of Infra-red and Micro-wave systems, Ltd. Company, full-fledged member of RMA;
  • Dzhavadov N.G. Doctor of technical sciences, Professor, academician of the International and Azerbaijan Engineering Academy, General Director of PO "Promavtomatika";
  • Kizina I.D. Candidate of technical sciences, General manager on science of JSC "Nefteavtomatika", Director of "Integrated ACS" Department;
  • Kostogrysov A.I. Doctor of technical sciences, Professor, chief scientific employee, "Institute of Informatics Problems" of the Russian Academy of Sciences;
  • Kuzyakov O.N. Doctor of technical sciences, assistant professor, Chief of the Chair of TGNGU;
  • Kuchumov R.Ya. Doctor of technical sciences, Professor, I. Gubkin Russian State University of oil and Gas;
  • Lachkov A.G. (Deputy-Chief editor) General Director of JSC "VNIIOENG";
  • Lukyanov E.E. Doctor of technical sciences, Deputy-General Director on Scientific work of "Luch" Scientific-Production Company of geophysical equipment;
  • Molchanov A.A. Doctor of technical sciences, "Gorny" National Mineral Raw Material University;
  • Sabirov A.I. Candidate of technical sciences, Director of "GKS" Scientific-Production Company;
  • Sidorov V.V. Candidate of technical sciences, Head of the Chair of I. Gubkin Russian State University of oil and Gas;
  • Slepyan M.A. Candidate of technical sciences, Doctor of economic sciences, General Director of "Nefteavtomatika" Research and Production Company;
  • Terekhina G.V. senior research employee, JSC "VNIIOENG";
  • Fafurin V.A. Doctor of technical sciences, the First Deputy-Director on Scientific work.

Registration certificate of the mass media outlet- PI FS ( ) No. 77-12331 datedApril 10, 2002.

The Journal enters the Russian Index of Scientific Quotation (RISO).
Two-year RSCI impact-factor with account of citation from all sources is 0,535.

Scientific-Technical Journal "Automation, Telemechanization and Communication in Oil Industry" (as on February, 17, 2016) enters International abstract database and Chemical Abstracts citation systems.

The Journal is included on the new (2015) List of Leading Peer-Reviewed Scientific Journals and Publications where basic scientific results of doctoral or candidate dissertations should be published.

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