When working, editors and the publisher follow the provisions of Publishing Ethics Resource Kit Ť Editorial Statement, formulated by the Council of Scientific Editors (The Council of Science Editors, CSE) as well as the Publishing Ethics Resource Kit.

The Editorial Board of the Journal:

   provides high quality of published materials;

   observes scientific ethics when reviewing article;

   aids intellectual property protection and authorsí rights;

   rejects one and the same article, sent by the author to several issues of journals;

   rejects plagiary articles;

   observes confidence;

   exercises editorial corrections as agreed with authors.

 The Authors provide the following:

   materials correspondence with ethical and juridical standards, including Copyright Protection Legislation;

   originality and scientific novelty of published studies;

   reliability of the results obtained;

   obligatory presence of bibliographic references to other authors citation;

   absence of borrowings in the articles without reference to the initial sources (plagiatis);

   information reliability of the materials presented.

An author has no right to present one and the same article for publication in several journals. The materials submitted for consideration to the Editorial Board of the Journal should correspond to the rules of scientific articles preparation, enumerated at the Journalís site.

The Reviewers should:

   review only the materials that correspond to his (her) scientific specialization;

   present the review in time;

   observe confidence;

   be an effective judge;

   not to use the obtained information for private purposes.

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